3GI Industries (founded by Grant Duffrin ) is an awe-inspiring powerhouse that has ensnared the hearts and minds of millions across the globe with their unrivaled comedic DIY masterpieces. 3GI started to gain notiriety in 2010 with their groundbreaking web series, " Super Smash Tournament " featuring Grant Duffrin, Eric Nitschke, Kevin Gonring, and Taylor Campbell. These epic friends continued their foolishness and birthed the breathtaking spectacle known as Shrekfest in 2014. With help from 3GI All-Stars Kelly Main, Conner Japikse, Kyle Kashian, Mitch Spiegel, Jim Weihofen, and many more awesome people, Shrekfest stands as a global phenomenon. In 2018, 3GI Industries unleashed " Shrek Retold ," a viral titan of creativity and ingenuity, seized the hearts of millions, leaving an indelible mark upon the tapestry of internet culture. Their upcoming opus, "Shrek 2 Retold," is on the horizon, being directed by Grant Duffrin, Conner Japikse, and Garfield, and being pain-stakingly retolded by their legion of prodigious talents.