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Welcome to the official online hub of 3GI Industries, where creativity meets innovation in the realm of multimedia art and entertainment. Explore our journey through visionary projects that redefine boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide. Under the visionary leadership of Grant Duffrin , 3GI Industries stands as a powerhouse in collaborative multimedia entertainment, working with major entities like Nintendo, Adult Swim, and Cinemassacre.

Celebrating 10 Years of Love, Life, and Shrek

Discover the magic of Shrekfest, the ultimate celebration of everyone's favorite green ogre. From whimsical beginnings to global acclaim, Shrekfest has been a decade-long journey of laughter, love, and community spirit.

Step into the world of Shrek Retold, a groundbreaking fan-made reanimated collaboration of the beloved DreamWorks classic. Featuring over 200 creators and millions of views worldwide, Shrek Retold continues to inspire with its creativity and diverse artistic interpretations. Explore the scenes that reshaped fan filmmaking and garnered critical acclaim.

Our Follow-Up, Crowd-Sourced Remake of the Greatest Sequel Ever Told: Shrek 2!

Get ready for the next chapter with Shrek 2 Retold! Building on the success of its predecessor, this collaborative masterpiece brings together nearly a thousand artists to reimagine the beloved sequel in a myriad of styles. Experience the anticipation and creative frenzy as we prepare to unveil this epic fan-driven project.

Where Art and Collaboration Collides at the Speed of Sound

Experience Sonic Rebuilt, a vibrant tribute to the classic Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, reimagined by over 200 artists in a collaborative masterpiece. With its blend of nostalgia, humor, and creativity, Sonic Rebuilt stands as a testament to 3GI Industries' commitment to providing a platform for artists to celebrate beloved media through fresh, creative lenses.

Now You're Playing With Power

Dive into the action-packed world of Super Smash Tournament, where gaming meets comedy in a series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. From epic battles to behind-the-scenes madness, follow the journey of our colorful characters as they entertain and engage in a spectacle unlike any other.